Click on the mine entrance to gain money, then hire miners. To do good work, these miners have needs you need to take care of: supply them with beers and lantern, hire guards, blacksmiths and healers to keep good working conditions.
Beware, because all this must be kept balanced! For example, each miners wants to have at least 2 beer.

The game still needs to be a little more balanced, but I hope you'll enjoy it !


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Neat. One thing that always frustrates me about clickers is the price hike the more items you have, which is so unrealistic.

Good work!

Neat idea for a simplistic clicker. Right now it's a little too straightforward: the more non-miner items you buy, the more bonus you get. I'd love to see this idea expanded in a little more complex game, but nice entry anyway!

Thanks !

As a first clicker game, and already struggling with balancing the game, that's true, I keep things simple.

As a jam game, I'm thinking about developing it a little more, indeed :)


What else ? :)

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Oh, accidentally posted this, my bad! I feel the game could have more adventure :).
Anyways, would you like to join LowWolf, a game development team? We so far have no members but I have alot of knowlodge with c#, If you would like to talk more about money etc, email me at [edited] or you can add me on discord, [edited].

Thank for your offer, I will think about it ^^

I have save your contact infos and edited your comment, I think it's better if that kind of informations are not openly public on the internet :)

Thank you and agreed, we currently have 2 developers. And are working on 3d horror game, again if you would like to join I think you qualify more then enough :)

I like your choice of dwarves, well made :)

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Thanks ! It was inspired by a skit by P.O.C (Pen Of Chaos, a french artist) ^^

Brilliant graphics...

Thanks ! :)