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Neat. One thing that always frustrates me about clickers is the price hike the more items you have, which is so unrealistic.

Good work!

Neat idea for a simplistic clicker. Right now it's a little too straightforward: the more non-miner items you buy, the more bonus you get. I'd love to see this idea expanded in a little more complex game, but nice entry anyway!

Thanks !

As a first clicker game, and already struggling with balancing the game, that's true, I keep things simple.

As a jam game, I'm thinking about developing it a little more, indeed :)


What else ? :)

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Oh, accidentally posted this, my bad! I feel the game could have more adventure :).
Anyways, would you like to join LowWolf, a game development team? We so far have no members but I have alot of knowlodge with c#, If you would like to talk more about money etc, email me at [edited] or you can add me on discord, [edited].

Thank for your offer, I will think about it ^^

I have save your contact infos and edited your comment, I think it's better if that kind of informations are not openly public on the internet :)

Thank you and agreed, we currently have 2 developers. And are working on 3d horror game, again if you would like to join I think you qualify more then enough :)

I like your choice of dwarves, well made :)

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Thanks ! It was inspired by a skit by P.O.C (Pen Of Chaos, a french artist) ^^

Brilliant graphics...

Thanks ! :)