Rushing 2 days before deadline & Goals

Since the beginning of the jam, I've tried to work on the game in between other time-consuming things. I thought that it would be easy to have a base for the game using the official Unity 2D "Roguelike tutorial"...

But I was wrong, so very very wrong. I couldn't fix bugs because of the way it was coded. Couldn't make it "my own" because of these techniques that I'm not used to, and I did got very frustrated not being able to understand and expand it like I wanted to.

After tried all the ways I could try to make it work with that base and failed, I decided to start again from scratch ! Keeping some little things I understood and learned from the tutorial, but making the game the way I'm used to, with tiles and arrays ! 😋

So the programming of the actual game started two days before the deadline of the jam. I had a sleepless night, a lot of coffee ☕ and an 9 hours long livestream to try to code all the thing I wanted to be in the game.

What I wanted to be in game :

  • Dungeon generation (from a list of room templates with procedurally placed doors and torches)
  • Movements (in room and between room)
  • Balanced combat, traps, different enemies types
  • Animations, sounds and music
  • GUI, Inventory and items
  • Title screen, Game over, etc
  • Goal ?  Kill count ? Number of floor survived ?

What I had at the end :

  • Dungeon generation (from a small list of room templates and static doors and torches)
  • Movements (in room and between room)
  • Combats + Traps (only bats and pikes)
  • Game over close the game. (ultra quick fix 5mn before deadline 😅)
  • A lot of bugs
  • No Goal, actually. 😧 (But if you kill all enemies in the nine rooms, consider that you have won)

You can see the differences between the two lists. I'm far from what I wanted, but I'm happy of all the work I did before deadline ! Live stream programming was also a great experience !

It was a really cool Jam and I'll love to participate again next year ! I've already seen a lot of cool games in the submissions !

Now, I want to work on the game to make it whole (add all I want, and more, like a map screen), and learn a few things by the way (like Dungeon generation and tile-base pathfinding algorithms).

I'm planning on an update for this month's end ! 😜


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Aug 16, 2017

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