A downloadable game for Windows

A small Roguelike made for LOWREZJAM 2017, I hope i'll find time to continue developpement for debug and extend it !

Inspired by Zelda 1 Dungeons

Beware, you might experience some bugs. :P

  • There is no sounds nor music.
  • There is some part of the wall you can walk through (will you find them ? :D)
  • Game over close the game (no bug, just quick & dirty fix from 5mn before submission)
  • Enemies respawn (they weren't meant to do that)
  • No Goal, actually. 😧 (But if you kill one enemy in each of the nine rooms, consider that you have won)

Use Arrows to move/attack. One move in the wrong direction (wall/block/etc) is equivalent to skip your turn.

You have 10 HP, Enemies 7. Use the environment to your advantage ! ;)


uDungeon - Windows (Quickfix).zip 13 MB
uDungeon - Windows (Jam Release).zip 13 MB

Development log


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Alors, j'aime bien, mais j'aimerais sans doute mieux si j'arrivais à faire marcher les boutons d'attaque, même si le plus souvent, il y a moyen de forcer les ennemis à rester dans les pièges ^^

Je peux essayer de t'aider si tu veux pour ton problème.

Bug report: the hit point text was misplaced for me, breaking the 64x64 limit. 

Thanks !
I have fixed it in the last upload ! ;)